Tuesday, 15 April 2014


|| Nancy Z. || Anna S. || Evan L. ||

The days are getting longer, the sun is getting stronger, and it actually feels like spring. I always think that long, loose layers in earthy colours are both stylish and comfortable for spring weather. I wish I had the wardrobe to try out the mori girl look - all those layers and draping fabrics look so romantic, don't you think?

Friday, 11 April 2014


I really love the clothes in Frozen: you can tell so much thought went into each garment's colour, material and design. Elsa's outfits are hard to make casual, but the distinctive colour pallette of her coronation ensemble was something I could work with. If Elsa lived in this world I think her style would be simple but classy, with some subtle touches of glitter here and there.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Skull: from A, A, C and L
Jewellery stand: Dunelm Mill, from B
Evenstar necklace: from O
Watch: Rotary, Argos, from parents

Finally, a photo of some of the thingies I got for my birthday last month. Excuse all of the bling - I had already loaded up the stand with my swag and couldn't be bothered to take off the stuff that isn't new for the photo.

So what shall I call my skull? I'm working on the assumption that it's a lady skull, and European, by looking up indicators online. She's life-sized, made of resin, has a moving jaw, and she's very happy perched on top of the bookcase with the rest of my treasured collection of extremely awesome but otherwise quite useless objects.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

"You look like bad news"

Qipao: Dorothy Perkins, PDSA
Shorts: DIY
Heels: Clarks

I am telling you, when it comes to short dresses and skirts, lace-trimmed cycling shorts are your friend. I picked up this qipao in a charity shop because of its simplicity, though I love the embroidered flowers and the combination of glossy black edged with dark red.

Somehow I got offers from three dental schools and I've been agonising between two of them for a week or two now. I'm planning to make the final decision on Monday, so I can get on with immunisation paperwork and accomodation and stuff. So far I've changed my mind every single day so I hope I'll settle on one university really soon!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tulle skirt

There is a certain unexplainable novelty attached to wearing a skirt that's so big, you can hardly fit through the door. Maybe it's because when you look down, all you can see is pale and fluffy tulle, as if you're nestled in a cloud.

|| Diya L. || Shiny S. || Oana S. ||

Tulle is the very fine-hole, lightweight stuff that's often used for wedding veils and ballet tutus. I especially love the dreamy, floaty element it brings to any ensemble, whether combined with polka-dots, fur, denim, or even more lace.
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